• big sur on film

    shot with my contax 167mt with kodak portray 400 (my

    shutter speed

    film is light sensitive. that means, nothing shows up

    aloha part two; the film

    things i miss: the food. oh, the food. hawaii, you are


    just got back from a week in oahu with ryan. it was

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santa barbara courthouse wedding

things i loved about the wedding, shot at the santa barbara courthouse with la rousse photography:


-the courthouse, which is gorgeous and full of dark corners and bright windows and white paint and gorgeous murals and is so tricky to shoot in and so, so so beautiful. my favorite place for a wedding. seriously.

-the bride’s purple/pink hair

-the bride walked down the aisle to music SHE WROTE and the first time she heard that music played live was just before the ceremony began. the room was empty, and she sat and listened to the string quartet play. it was a beautiful, amazing moment.

-the groom stood with his mother at the back of the room before he walked down the aisle, and they held hands.

-the bride’s brother married them.

-after this beautiful and small ceremony, the two families went to lunch together. this wedding was small and intimate, and one of the loveliest i’ve ever shot. seriously, top 5.

-shooting with kate of la rousse photography. she’s lovely, you guys. the best.
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