• big sur on film

    shot with my contax 167mt with kodak portray 400 (my

    shutter speed

    film is light sensitive. that means, nothing shows up

    aloha part two; the film

    things i miss: the food. oh, the food. hawaii, you are


    just got back from a week in oahu with ryan. it was

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    Miriam Hermansen Photography is about being who you are with your people, in spaces full of light and meaning.

    Southern California girl with lots of cameras--digital and film, i read lots of books and write in lots of notebooks. I have five kids, two dogs, and am married to my sweetheart for 13 years now. I love Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell and Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett.

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a beauty in the wild

these were taken for fun in the santa monica mountains with my friend, morgan, who is one of my favorite models. she’s gorgeous andView full post »

monthly challenge, part 4

monthly challenge time! after two months off for moving and roadshow and ryan’s new job, i am finally back in the saddle for thisView full post »

Brittani and Derek; engagements in Westlake Village

Look how fancy these two are! I’m a way casual soul, slouching around in sweats and t-shirts more often than not, but i loved theView full post »

baby carson

Baby Carson came over with his big brother and sister, his mom and his grandma. We had a lot of fun! Because Carson is 3 weeks old,View full post »

baby ransom

baby reason belongs to jenn and ramsay. we did their maternity photos out in a wild green field, thanks to all the rain we’ve beenView full post »

wedding weekend at the wood ranch golf club

this was my first bridal show. i googled a lot of ideas for bridal shows on a budget (red: no budget at all) and came up with theView full post »

baby josh

these were taken back when i was in website limbo-land, so baby josh is now about 4 months old. so the story goes like this: charlotte,View full post »

carlisle and rebecca, engaged

my dad is engaged to rebecca. i was ready for him to propose to her at christmas, but he took a little extra time (a month). rebecca isView full post »

allison and justin, engaged

allison is my kate’s ballet teacher. she is the sweetest thing and kate LOVES her. she spends a lot of time waltzing around the houseView full post »

shooting an lds wedding; the la temple version

things you should know: an lds temple is a private ceremony. not even the bride and groom’s entire family gets to go. whenView full post »

jane and josh, married in the los angeles temple, lds wedding

this is my cousin jane and her husband, josh. they are happily, happily married and living in freezing, freezing detroit. she has a blog.View full post »

a moment

i think this is one of my favorite kind of portrait to capture. everyone just gets close, and kind of gets wrapped up in each other. iView full post »