• big sur on film

    shot with my contax 167mt with kodak portray 400 (my

    shutter speed

    film is light sensitive. that means, nothing shows up

    aloha part two; the film

    things i miss: the food. oh, the food. hawaii, you are


    just got back from a week in oahu with ryan. it was

  • Welcome!

    Miriam Hermansen Photography is about being who you are with your people, in spaces full of light and meaning.

    Southern California girl with lots of cameras--digital and film, i read lots of books and write in lots of notebooks. I have five kids, two dogs, and am married to my sweetheart for 13 years now. I love Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell and Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett.

    Contact me to book a session!!

baby jack

baby jack’s mom and dad are haylee and edward and i shot their wedding about a year and a half ago! so awesome to see this couple become a family, to see them so in love with each other, and so in love with Baby Jack-1PINBaby Jack-2PINBaby Jack-3PINBaby Jack-4PINBaby Jack-5PINBaby Jack-8PINBaby Jack-9PINBaby Jack-10PINBaby Jack-13PINBaby Jack-16PINBaby Jack-18PINBaby Jack-19PINBaby Jack-20PINBaby Jack-22PINBaby Jack-23PINBaby Jack-25PINBaby Jack-26PINBaby Jack-28PINBaby Jack-29PIN


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