• big sur on film

    shot with my contax 167mt with kodak portray 400 (my

    shutter speed

    film is light sensitive. that means, nothing shows up

    aloha part two; the film

    things i miss: the food. oh, the food. hawaii, you are


    just got back from a week in oahu with ryan. it was

  • Welcome!

    Miriam Hermansen Photography is about being who you are with your people, in spaces full of light and meaning.

    Southern California girl with lots of cameras--digital and film, i read lots of books and write in lots of notebooks. I have five kids, two dogs, and am married to my sweetheart for 13 years now. I love Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell and Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett.

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a family of six

I am behind on blogging. This mother, however, is not behind. These are the annual family photos and they were taken back in August. This mama’s got her Christmas card photos all ready to go.

My favorite thing about this family is that they are so much like mine: four kids, a mom who just goes with the flow, a dad who loves his family, and ENERGY. They brought toys they’d won from laser tag, we took photos of them running around and posing with their new weapons (even the girls had them, which is rad). There was so much silliness, so much laughter. They love each other.



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