About Me

My name is Miriam Hermansen and I am a photographer.View More: http://emilygracephotography.pass.us/hermansenPIN

I started in college, with a couple classes on film, then eventually moved on to film with a few Canons I bought on ebay, moving up with equipment as I moved up in skill. I started charging for photography six years ago.

My favorite thing about photography is the people I have met. Everyone has a story, and I get to hear those stories, even be a part of them. Some stories are sad, some are happy, sometimes I am photographing a hello, sometimes a goodbye, but it is always awesome to capture it.

I shoot outside most of the time. I love to be outside. Trees and sunshine and two of my favorite things. Almost anywhere on the central coast is my favorite. I consider Yosemite to be heaven on earth.

I have experience with LDS weddings, Catholic weddings, Jewish weddings, Methodist weddings, Hindu weddings, Non-denominational weddings, and elopements. The largest wedding I shot was an Indian wedding in Tulsa, Oklahoma with 800 guests and the smallest was an elopement on the beach in Ventura, California with about 10 guests.

I live in Thousand Oaks, California, with my husband and our four kids (and three dogs and one cat) ten minutes away from my Dad and three youngest brothers and fifteen minutes away from my husband’s parents. I love my family and spend a lot of time with them.

View More: http://emilygracephotography.pass.us/hermansenPIN

I also love yoga, reading, succulents, crocheting, classic rock (think bob dylan, van morrison, joni mitchell, the band, the allman brothers, etc.).

I have a record player and compulsively collect records. My husband and I have a serious book buying problem. I love a good garage sale.

I do not love designing this website, the texture of bananas, cars with loud stereos, matching the socks when they come out of the laundry.

I include digital images in my packages, along with a few products. I believe in printed photos in your home, I believe in albums full of “your people”.View More: http://emilygracephotography.pass.us/hermansenPIN


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